Alternative Lighting Technologies, Inc.

 Company Overview

Alternative Lighting Technologies, Inc. (ALT) develops and sells power supply solutions for LED lighting and the Internet of Things.

ALT LED driver (power supply) technology reduces the cost and increases the lifetime of LED lamps. Our designs enable high efficiency and long life of over 5 years

ALT AC Step driver technology enables extremely low flicker and is able to surpass pending Energy Star requirements, and ALT solution uses only 1/4 to 1/8 of the amount of capacitance of a classic valley fill anti-flicker circuit. Fewer capacitors reduces cost and enables use of longer lifetime capacitors.

ALT technology for high quality LED lighting solutions is well protected by patents and patent applications. Our
designs have been developed for most LED lighting applications, with a wide range of power, current, and input/output voltage parameters, offering low cost, long life, high efficiency, small size, and near-unity-power-factor.


Accelerate the adoption of LED lighting by reducing the cost and improving lifetime and performance of LED lighting systems.