Alternative Lighting Technologies, Inc.


  • Lowest cost for a given level of performance
  • Lifetime greater than 5 years
  • Compatible with dimmers
  • Low parts count
  • Small size by eliminating reactive components (No coils or transformers; No EMI filter)
  • Near Unity Power Factor PF > 0.95
  • Less Total Harmonic Distortion THD < 20%
  • Low Flicker < 30%
  • Efficiency > 86%
  • A Monolithic Light Engine: a LED driver chip embedded into an LED Chip on Board (COB) array
Classic LED Driver Inconveniences
  • Large size of the boost, buck or flyback inductor
  • Large size of the EMI filter
  • Current spikes issues when dimmers are used
  • Higher cost per unit
ALT LED Driver Solutions Advantages
  • No inductors
  • No EMI filters required
  • Small size
  • As small as an 8 Pin surface mount chip
  • No current spikes with dimmers
  • PF > 0.95 with no extra cost